Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My Favourite Perfume: Miss Dior Chérie Eau de Parfum

    I have used this perfume for well over a year. One whiff of this fragrance in a magazine advert and I had fallen head over heels in love.  Miss Dior Chérie is such a beautiful, sophisticated, feminine and youthful scent.

    In most cases, I am normally able to identify certain smells, but with my perfume it proved quite difficult, so this is what the website lists as the different scents that compose it:

Top note- Italian madarin offers a fresh, fruity accent.
Heart note- Jasmine and damascus rose provide a soft, feminine and floral accent.
Base note- Patchouli with woody notes of vetiver and sandalwood.

    I also read that this fragrance includes the smell of strawberry and popcorn, coincidentally two of my favourite foods.

    The base note of  Miss Dior Chérie smells sultry and sweet, hence it is my favourite. However, the top note is not exactly pleasant. I find it to be very strong and too overwhelming for me, but luckily, it is the base note that tends to linger on my skin and clothes for the longest.

    Another downside to this fragrance is the price. For a 30 ml bottle, depending on where you shop, you could pay anywhere from £38 to £45.

    The packaging is very feminine and simple, being composed of a glass bottle with a pretty bow. To make me love this fragrance even more, it has the most stunning advertising campaign with the beautiful Natalie Portman. Every aspect is simply wonderful from the city of Paris, to the outfits featured. C'est parfait!

Lots of love,

Isabella xxx

Introduction: Hello!

To quote the Beatles, "I say hello". I greet you to my blog, which hopefully will be brimming with fun, fabulous and fantastic posts. Here I will be doing a wide array of posts; anything from outfit of the days and beauty product reviews, to recipes and random ramblings. I hope you will tune into my blog, sit back and enjoy!

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Isabella xxx

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