Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Golden Globes 2011

Hey y'all! (Sorry for the cheesy intro!)

Ok, so I know the Golden Globes took place a good few months ago, but I did not start my blog till recently and I just could not go without sharing with you some of the most beautiful gowns to grace the red carpet.

First and foremost, by far the most fabulous frock was the Elie Saab one fashioned by Scarlett Johansson.

This dress is the prettiest shade of pink, beautifully structured, the embellishment detailing glistens gorgeously in the light and the sleeves are floaty and romantic. To top this outfit of, Scarlett's voluminous hair and perfect makeup make it exceptional!

Other highlights of the red carpet:

Dianna Agron
Lea Michelle

Sandra Bullock

Lots of Love,
Isabella xxx

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palette 'No.4 Earth Child'

My Palette (I apologise for it being a bit grubby!)
Swatches of the colours

During one of my wonders in Superdrug, in a hurry I picked up one of these palettes for the pretty decent price of £3.99. It had a good range of neutral, every day colours, so I thought that it would be worth giving it a go. What I do find puzzling is that all of these colours seem to vary in pigmentation. The two colours with a really fantastic, rich, deep pigmentation, so good that you need to lightly tap on the colours. These are the dark chocolate (top row, centre) and the bronze (top row, second from the right). The two colours that have quite poor pigmentation are the light silver (bottom row, second from the left) and the light cream/peach colour (bottom row, second from the right). You can get a decent colour if you build it up, but not from one stroke. The rest of the colours are quite good and will give you a good colour.

They all blend really well and the colour combinations go perfectly together. I would say that I haven't been able to find a use for the two greens. If anyone has any suggestions on what it goes nicely with (I'm guessing that nobody is reading this), I'd like to hear it.

For around 40p per colour, gorgeous everyday or evening looks can be produced and the colour pay off is quite impressive for the price. In the range, the are plenty more palettes if you don't think that these colours are right for you at the Beauty UK website:

Lots of love,
Isabella xxx

Thursday, 9 June 2011



I know, I went over one to many! Surprisingly I managed to uncover lots of gorgeous orange tresures that I want to share with you for my colour favourites of the week.

1. Butterfly floaty t-shirt £20 Republic-  Flourescent colours are colours that I do not tend to gravitate towards, however in this case it is done in a more subtle way. Up and down the highstreet I've spotted plenty of garments with a butterfly print and this delicate design is pretty and feminine, but with twist.

2. Risa's Orange Octopus & Fish Cocktail Ring $40 Last time I did my weekly colour favourites, I featured  red Betsey Johnson earrings and these are very similar, but orange and a ring, with a tiny,cute little fishy! This is a fun piece of statement jewellery and the gemstones give the a gorgeous under-the-sea, regal feeling.

3. Heart print shirt £20 River Island- The website says this is yellow, but it looks orange to me! I think this shirt would look very cute paired with high waisted denim shorts or simply on top of a pair of skinny jeans!

4. Off one shoulder dress £30 H&M- For a summer's night, this dress is bright, eye catching and would be stunning paired with a pair of black or nude heels!

5. Lips in "Ohh La La" £8 Topshop- A perfect colour for a bright lip!

6. Topshop nails in "Nails in Summit" £5- A colour you don't see worn very often, but potentially could look amazing!

7. Boss Orange Woman Eua de Toilette £20 Debenhams 50ml/1.6 Oz- I haven't personally tried this out before, but it coincides with the 'orange' theme. To give you a brief overview of the fragrance, this what the Debenhams website says:

Boss Orange for Women is a warm, complex and inviting fragrance that combines the uniquely liberating notes of crispy apple and white florals with a vanilla and sandalwood heart. They fuse to create a relaxed, unique scent you can wear with passion.

8. Bijoux heart cristal de corail 24-karat gold-plated earrings $390 Again, these earrings are completely out of my price range, but I do think they are a very beautiful piece of craftsmenship.

9. Fair and true sustainable high waist skirt £49 WOW. This skirt is simply stunning!

10. Ring £3.99 H&M- This ring as a very gorgeous ring with what looks like to be a quartz stone, whether it is real or not, I am unsure.

11. Orange coin purse £3.99 New Look- I'm a sucker for fruity fashion and this adorable coin purse is no exception!

Lots of love,

Isabella xxx

Friday, 3 June 2011

Highstreet Fashion Picks

Over the past few months, I've seen some gorgeous items that I'd love to share with you!

High-waisted denim shorts, £14.99 H&M
Since I purchased these, I have been able to pair them with so much because of how versatile they are. I have now got something to wear with crop tops, tops look fantastic tucked into them and if it gets cold, you simply need to wear them with a pair of cosy tights!

Black and white, love heart print, high waisted skirt, £14.99, H&M
There is no other way to describe this skirt then adorable. This bold print instantly caught my eye and I'd say that it is very reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. But this skirt also has it's claim to fame; I  happened to spot this skirt on television. In a scene of one of my favourite television shows, Glee, Rachel Berry (played by Lea Michelle) wore the exact same garment. I personally pair this skirt with a plain top to balance out the pattern.
White pumps with elasticated edges, lace detailing and bow, £6, Primark
I personally prefer flat/dolly shoes, pumps, or what you call them with elasticated edges as they hhave a better grip to your feet. Though it normally means you'd want to go for a size up as they can feel too tight. Aside from that, they are a very pretty pair of shoes that would go great with a wide spectrum of outfits. You can also find these shoes in more colours.
 (Top tied up)
(Full print)
Crop top, £4 or £6 (sorry,  I can't exactly remember, but it was not too pricey), Primark
The print on this top was stunning, the silhouette of the palm trees are gorgeous, though the design is somewhat cheesy! This top is very kitsch and Katy Perry and screams summer!

Turqouise stone ring with gold coloured metal, £2, Primark
A beautiful statement ring that is sure to brighten up any outfit.
Tan coloured, plaited belt, £2, Primark
This was a very low price, yet I've been able to wear it with just about all of my outfits; a good wardrobe staple!

Peachy, pink, cream coloured patent shoes, £10 reduced to £6 on sale, Primark
For a while now I've wanted a pair of shoes like this, but since heels aren't exactly things I wear on a regular basis, I was not willing to pay the full price. When I saw that they were only £6, I just had to get them, even if they were a tiny bit big! If I'm ever wearing an outfit when I won't be working too much, I try when I can to wear these!

Paisley, floral print dress, £9, Primark
A feminine frock, perfect for a summer's day.

Coral, seashell dress, £9, Primark
This is a very different take to the nautical trend, but very refreshing. The colour is gorgeous and goes perfectly with the heels mentioned earlier!
Grey, across-the-shoulder bag, £5 reduced to £2!
The price was simply wonderful for such a delicate, vintage inspired bag that is great for every day use.

I hope these images have given you some idea of the garments available in H&M and Primark; if I not I hope it will provide you some fashion inspiration! If you'd like to see these items worn, I will try to include these in outfit of the days, so stay tuned. Well, no one has tuned in yet, but still.

Lots of love,
Isabella xxx

Wednesday, 1 June 2011



Lots of love,

Isabella xxx

LUSH Review: Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask

For those of you who are not fimiliar with the cosmetic brand 'LUSH', let me give you a quick introduction. LUSH is a brand that sells fresh, hand made cosmetics that try whenever they can to be as environmentally and animal friendly as possible, with the majority of their products being vegan and ingredients being the majority of the time organic. In addition to this, LUSH are frequent supporters of charities.

There is unfortunately a downside. With LUSH taking all of these points into consideration, it does mean their prices are a little bit higher then your usual drugstore finds, but for this product, I think that £5.25 was not a bad deal. LUSH have a range of face masks, suited for different skin types, but I was recommended Brazened Honey because although it is used to revitalise your skin, I was told it would be benificial to my oily skin.  

LUSH have very pleasant staff, who are happy to take time to help you find the product and are well educated in what they are selling. The lady that helped me let me try the face mask on my hand, leave it for a few minutes and wash it off, so I could personally try the product out. I discovered my skin to be feeling super soft. The woman that helped me, in detail explained about the ingredients and how they'd benefit my skin and also the most effective way to use it. I must add before I forget, that because LUSH face masks conatin fresh ingredients like free range eggs and yogurt, you need to store them in the fridge and the face masks have a usual usage span of 3 weeks (you can find out how long lasting your face mask is by checking the use by date). Though by storing your face mask in the fridge, it does mean that when you apply it to your face, you get a wonderful cooling and refreshing sensation.

To give you a better idea of the product and it's ingredients, this is what LUSH says:
"A powerhouse of effective ingredients for all tired skins, exfoliating, detoxifying, stimulating, and nourishing. Refreshing herbs and fruit juice are blended with warming Ayurvedic herbs and spices. With almonds to polish and moisturising honey, this blend leaves the skin vibrant and reinvigorated."

So this is how I use the face mask:
1.Cleanse your skin with a cleanser of your choice and then dry your face.
2.With clean hands apply the face mask all over your face, avoiding the eye area.
3.I personally like to place cucumber slices on my eyes, but you do not have to do this.
4.After 5-10 minutes, before your face mask has dried up, rinse it off with warm water. With the Brazened Honey face mask in peticular, whilst rinsing it off, you can use it to exfoliate your skin because of the ground almonds it contains. However, not all face masks have the ability to exfoliate.
5.Then use your toner, though this is not completely necessary.
6.Moisturize your skin.

For this face mask in paticular, I would recommend you use it once a week, if you intend to exfoliate. If you choose not to exfoliate, then you could use it more often. From my face mask, I managed to get 8 uses (though this can vary depending on how much product you use), that works out at around 66p per face mask, which is not bad at all.

I found my skin afterwards to feel super soft and clean, it really did nourish, detoxify and stimulate it! Whether it made a difference to my spots, I'm not so sure, but at least it did not worsen it.

To top it all off, the smell was very refreshing and the scent of the herbs in the face mask really came through. It was a nice treat for once a week, and once I had finished my face mask, I purchased the BB Seaweed face mask. I have only tried this once, but expect a review once I have given it a go a few more times! Also, if you bring back 5 empty LUSH pots, you get a free face mask! All in all, I'd give this mask a 9/10, c'est fantastique! (I don't know what it is with me and comments in French!)

Lots of love,

Isabella xxx

Simply Red

For the next few weeks I will be featuring a mini series alongside my other blog posts. Every week I will be featuring fun products that are in a certain colour. Week one, as you can see below is red, to follow that will be orange, then yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, silver, gold, brown, white and black. So to start of with a bang, I will begin with one of my favourite colours- red. It is such a classic, beautiful colour and it suits every skin tone. In addition to that it is the colour of Gryffindor (go Harry Potter!).

Simply Red
  1. LK Bennet Agata- ankle tie sandles £175 ($290)- So these shoes cost a lot more than I would be willing to spend, but I do think this pair is very delicate, pretty and feminine. They are perfect to brighten up any outfit and I reckon that you could easily bag a similar pair on the high street for a slightly more affordable price!
  2. Revlon Colour Burst Lipstick 'True Red' £7.99 Boots or $6.49 Target- The colour's in the name; this is what you'd call a 'classic' red and is a staple for every woman. It has the ability to add a touch of elegance to any outfit and suits every skin tone.
  3. Poppy Peter Pan Collar Bow Sleeveless Shirt £24 ($50) Topshop- This is such an adorable top and would be gorgeous whether it's with a pair of skinny jeans, jeggings or with some high waisted shorts and skirts.
  4. A red bow is a cute hair accessory to place in your hair or even attach on your bags and coats to inject some colour.
  5. Betsey Johnson Octopus stud earrings $30 Macy's- I have always been a fan of quirky jewellery because it adds a pinch of fun to your look. These octopuses are bright and colourful and $30 is not a bad price for something you could easily incorporate into an every day outfit.
  6. D&G purse $335 Zappos- Most people, including me, would most likely not spend that much money on a purse, though it does not stop it from it being a beautiful, under-stated piece of craftsmenship. Again, a bright red purse would be ideal to brighten up any outfit and if this purse is not in your price range, you could surely find a similar product for a lower price on the high street. 
  7. Red floral layered playsuit £34 ($70) Topshop- Floral prints are a timeless trend and pretty flowers are scattered all across this gorgeous summer piece. It would be ideal worn with a denim or leather jacket and even a cardigan for when the temperature drops alongside a pair of trendy wedges.
  8. Yves Saint Laurent Tribute patent leather coral sandals £595 ($855) montaigne market- Again these are a very pricey pair of shoes, but I still think that they are simply stunning and the colour is luscious!
  9. Ray-Ban sunglasses- This style of glasses come in wide array colours; the black ones are classics, but the red ones are a lot more fun. Again, if these are too pricey for you, there are many similar pairs of these sunglasses in high street stores.
  10. Barry M nail paint 'Bright Red' £2.99 Boots or Superdrug- This is another example of a 'classic red'. It goes fabulously with pretty much any outfit and is another makeup collection staple. Boots and Superdrug regualarly do a 2 for £5 offer, so to save 98p, I'd wait around for that deal!
Lots of love,

Isabella xxx

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