Friday, 3 June 2011

Highstreet Fashion Picks

Over the past few months, I've seen some gorgeous items that I'd love to share with you!

High-waisted denim shorts, £14.99 H&M
Since I purchased these, I have been able to pair them with so much because of how versatile they are. I have now got something to wear with crop tops, tops look fantastic tucked into them and if it gets cold, you simply need to wear them with a pair of cosy tights!

Black and white, love heart print, high waisted skirt, £14.99, H&M
There is no other way to describe this skirt then adorable. This bold print instantly caught my eye and I'd say that it is very reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. But this skirt also has it's claim to fame; I  happened to spot this skirt on television. In a scene of one of my favourite television shows, Glee, Rachel Berry (played by Lea Michelle) wore the exact same garment. I personally pair this skirt with a plain top to balance out the pattern.
White pumps with elasticated edges, lace detailing and bow, £6, Primark
I personally prefer flat/dolly shoes, pumps, or what you call them with elasticated edges as they hhave a better grip to your feet. Though it normally means you'd want to go for a size up as they can feel too tight. Aside from that, they are a very pretty pair of shoes that would go great with a wide spectrum of outfits. You can also find these shoes in more colours.
 (Top tied up)
(Full print)
Crop top, £4 or £6 (sorry,  I can't exactly remember, but it was not too pricey), Primark
The print on this top was stunning, the silhouette of the palm trees are gorgeous, though the design is somewhat cheesy! This top is very kitsch and Katy Perry and screams summer!

Turqouise stone ring with gold coloured metal, £2, Primark
A beautiful statement ring that is sure to brighten up any outfit.
Tan coloured, plaited belt, £2, Primark
This was a very low price, yet I've been able to wear it with just about all of my outfits; a good wardrobe staple!

Peachy, pink, cream coloured patent shoes, £10 reduced to £6 on sale, Primark
For a while now I've wanted a pair of shoes like this, but since heels aren't exactly things I wear on a regular basis, I was not willing to pay the full price. When I saw that they were only £6, I just had to get them, even if they were a tiny bit big! If I'm ever wearing an outfit when I won't be working too much, I try when I can to wear these!

Paisley, floral print dress, £9, Primark
A feminine frock, perfect for a summer's day.

Coral, seashell dress, £9, Primark
This is a very different take to the nautical trend, but very refreshing. The colour is gorgeous and goes perfectly with the heels mentioned earlier!
Grey, across-the-shoulder bag, £5 reduced to £2!
The price was simply wonderful for such a delicate, vintage inspired bag that is great for every day use.

I hope these images have given you some idea of the garments available in H&M and Primark; if I not I hope it will provide you some fashion inspiration! If you'd like to see these items worn, I will try to include these in outfit of the days, so stay tuned. Well, no one has tuned in yet, but still.

Lots of love,
Isabella xxx

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