Wednesday, 27 July 2011

14 Ways to Brighten Up Your Room

Lately, I have been slowly, but surely giving my room a bit of a 'revamp'. Whilst doing this, I have come across a few techniques that are sure to brighten up your room, but also they are very cost effective, which is always a great added bonus!

1. Flowers

Nothing makes a room prettier, then a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Of course nothing beats the real thing, but it can become expensive when you constantly need to re-purchase them or you could easily forget to water your plant, which also isn't good! So it is far easier to spend a couple of pounds on some quite realistic looking flowers that are no trouble to maintain! The flowers in the bottom picture were heavier than the vase itself, so I simply poured in bath salts into the vase to weigh it down, and it was fine! If you are looking for a vase, there is no shortage of low costing ones in charity shops, supermarkets and at car boot sales.

2. Get Organised!
Clutter never looks good in a room, so not only will these storage systems tidy up your room, but also make it easier to find things. In the cupcake jar, I like to keep my Lush soaps, in the cat, I place loose coins, in the flowery box there are my hairbands and in the small cork box, bobby pins and hair clips. It makes life just that little bit easier! The icing on the cake is that each one is adorable and would look very pretty on a dresser. The two boxes come in dazzling patterns and inside them, you can store what you wish- CDs, makeup, pens and the list goes on. And of course, you can find these sort of storage solutions at low low prices!

3. Put your prettiest products on display!

Beauty companies very often encase their products in beautiful packaging, and they certainly shouldn't be hidden in a closet! So put them on display! Especially, I love to put my perfume bottles out! Alternatively, it is a nice idea to put your nail polishes on show, to povide a hint of colour; I like to put mine in rainbow order, so it makes everything easier to find. Now I can't go without mentioning jewellery. It is undeniably dazzling to look at and would look perfect on display, either draped over something or in a pretty bowl.

4. Photos, Magazine Cuttings and Collages
My old wardrobe looked a bit dismal to say the least, so to spruce things up, I flicked through my Teen Vogue magazines and cut out my favourite images- creative adverts I liked, fun images or outfits that I adored. I also chucked in some snaps I took when I went to France, my Paris pics especially and some images of me and my friends (my friends aren't Ashley Tisdale and Florence from Florence & the Machine!). I just used a bit of Blu-tak, et voila! I really loved the end result and it cost peanuts to do. You can really create some fantastic pieces of artwork. Alternatively, you can pin some pictures to a cork board, or of course put your favourite photos into some pretty frames.

5. Showcase your Books and Magazines

On the cover of magazines are some stunning shots, they always have a dash of colour and the glossy front covers will look ravishing in your room. And of course, I can't go without saying the classic, cosy vibe that can be given to your room when you have some books lying around! They look especially nice on bookshelves, mantle pieces, window sells, desks, and table tops. You can also find cute book holding accessories as a little bonus to your room!

6. Accessorize!
It goes without saying that accessories scattered around your room will make it more lively. In my room some little items I have are precious stones, a Russian doll, little animals, but you could also have candles, mini statues, bird cages- the list goes on. There are countless shops that stock these things for very affordable prices.

7. Cushions
So this idea is no secret, but it doesn't mean it's any less effective. Cushions are a way to add in different textures and colours into your room in a subtle way.

8. Make your room smell nice!

It's not necessary, but it always makes the room more pleasant to have it smelling nice. Ways to do this are to have your bathbombs out (I love my Lush ones), you can have a bowl of pot purri (sorry if I didn't spell that correctly), scented candles are scrumptious, room spray is also quite effective, and finally flowers!

9. Spruce up your wallls!
When your walls are looking a bit dull and plain, then a bit of artwork can do wonders. The downside however is that it can be quite expensive, but I have a solution! In places such as Paperchase, for about £2, you can buy A2 sheets of quite thick wrapping paper in beautiful prints. Add a bit of Blu-tak and you have yourself a lovely looking wall. You can also use the free wallpaper samples you get in stores such as B&Q and Homebase. You could just cut them to size and stick them to your wall, or wrap them around a plain canvas or pop them in a frame. Simple!

10. Decorate handles
This is a nice little idea when door knobs on doors, draws and cupboards a looking a bit plain. All you have to do it tie a bit of ribbon around them and put it in a bow! As an extra little feature, thread on some beads onto your piece of ribbon just to add a bit of glam.

11. Clocks!
Plain plastic alarm clocks aren't always pleasant to the eye, so there is no harm in getting a nicer looking clock that will look a lot better in your room!

12. Door Hooks
Little plactic hooks on your door aren't exactly attractive, but luckily there are plenty available in gorgeous designs with even more hooks so that you can hang whatever you desire. I got my one in the picture for a bargain £5!

13. Table Cloths
When your table is tarnished and looking a bit battered, then there is no need to buy a new table; just get a pretty table cloth. Problem solved, and they're not too pricey!

14. Display bowls
To stop so much clutter filling up your room, one thing I love to put stuff in are these pretty bowls. For a couple of pounds, you can easily find these in charity shops and at car boot sales. They're stylish, cheap and neaten things up- what more could you want?

Anyway, I hope this was useful!

Lots of Love,

Isabella x


  1. Great tips. I'll be using them when I *finally* get around to decorating my place.


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