Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fashion Haul!

It's the summer holidays, and I have been in the shopping mood, hence why I have a few items that I am very excited to share with you! All the items but one (the ring) are on sale at the moment. For a lot of these items, I have adored them, but I was strong repelled by the prices so I was very excited to see them on the sale rack!

So the first item and the only non-sale item is this ring, that I got for the pretty reasonable price of £2.99. At the moment, I have got really into vintage/costume jewellery which consists of gorgeous chunky jewels. Ths ring from New Look, fitted the brief for me. I've got to admit though that I wasn't too crazy about the tiny pearls, but I still do really like the ring.

For a while, I've been looking for a pair of brogues. They are what you'd deem as a 'classic' piece of footwear. Primark had for a while always had instock some variation of brogues, but none of them really hit the spot with me. So when I saw this pair on sale for £8, I was very excited. The cut out detailing provides this pair of shoes with a modern touch, yet it still keeps them 'traditional'. This might seem a little random, but I also like the clicky noise the shoes make when I walk!

Crisp white tops are a timeless item and I thought the buttons and cut-out lace detailing on this cami from New Look was the cherry on top. I bagged this garment of clothing for the appealing price of £5. Originally, this top would have cost somewhere around the £18 mark (can't remember exactly) so I'd I got a pretty good deal! I don't think I would have paid that much otherwise!

I've always had a bit of an obssession with fruit-related things, so this banana necklace from Topshop was a must have! It was originally £8.50, reduced by 50% to £4.25 (the price I payed), but the next day it was £3.50. Yes, I was slightly annoyed, but I still think it is adorable and a funky feature to an outfit. Topshop jewellery sales are definitely something I recommend that you go check out; dazzling jewellery with Primark prices!

Out of the purchases that I have featured in this blog post, I'm going to say that this bag is my favourite. When I first saw this bag in New Look, I instantly took a liking to it. The hefty price however of £30 effectively drove me away. I was delighted to say the least when I saw it was in the sale at £15. I'll admit, I still wasn't completely content with the price, but the bag was too marvelous to turn down. The bag itself I'd say is inspired by the 'Alexa' bag by Mulberry but a slightly different take on it, but it is covered with crotchted (I think I may have just butchered the spelling of that word) detailing. It is so feminine, romantic and completely wearable. There is a way to carry it to suit anyone: you can grab the small handle with your hand, put your hand through the small handle, sling the long strap over your shoulder or even adjust the strap to put it on your shoulder across your body.

This next buy is from good old Primark! Even though items are always cheap, I can't help but feel reluctant with buying a £10 + item. Therefore, I was excited to check out the sale, and there I had spotted a stars and stripes cotton jumper that I have had my eye on for quite a while. Originally £10, it was reduced to £5 so of course, I picked it up! I know I have already used the word in this blog post, but I can't help but use it again; the jumper is adorable!

This bag first caught my attention when ThePersianbabe expressed her love of the bag in her videos. To me it looked sleek, stylish and simple, but I felt that I didn't need another bag because I already had got a few lately. However, when strolling through Primark, I noticed it was on sale! It was £5 reduced down to £2, so I just had to get it! Although at the moment I'm mostly using the bag I got from New Look, I think this bag will be ideal for when I only need a couple of items. Despite the ridiculously low price, I will admit that I'm feeling a tad bit guilty, for having a little to many bags!

Finally, I popped into H&M and I found a selection of dresses, the same style but different prints. These were all £7.99 reduced down to £3! So of course I went to try a few of these on to see if the style would suit me. I tried it on, and frankly, the dress was quite structureless (I'm hoping that's a word) and looked quite 'frumpy'. But then I put my hands on my waste and realised that the dress actually looked really nice clenched in around the waste. So I like to use a brown fake leather belt, as you can see in the picture. Side by side, you can see what a difference it can make.

Ok, so the photo doesn't really do it justice, but I promise you that in real life it looks good!

Lots of Love,

Isabella x

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