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4 Ways to Wear Skinny Jeans for Back to School

4 Ways to Wear Skinny Jeans for Back to School

With school fast approaching, I thought I would provide you with a bit of inspiration on what to wear. The key piece that recurs in each outfit is the classic 'skinny jean'. There is a pair to suit every mood, every style, and looks great on everyone. It perfectly hugs your legs making them comfortable and this also means it is great to wear to school/college/uni, where comfort is essential. Skinny jeans are also very versatile, so you can effortlessly pair them with whatever you wish.

So the three outfits I compiled, I tried to ensure that each was suitable for school, that they would be comfortable, and is something to suit a variety of people, just to show how it is a wardrobe essential.

So Outfit 1 is very chic and stylish. The lace top is pretty and feminine, but to make sure the outfit is not too pale, the black skinny jeans balance the colour out. The black skinny jeans are also extremely slimming on the legs and elongate them! The shoes are simply adorable. They are flat, so your feet do not ache from walking around and are a piece to cuten up any outfit! The black polka-dot tote bag is a classic piece that you can surely bring along to school everyday and will be large enough to fit all of your books. Although this ensemble has quite plain colours, by using more fun pieces, the outfit is instantly brightened up. And should it get a bit nippy, just thrown on a cardigan!

Outfit 2, is quite a boho look that is cosy and casual. The main feature is the thick black and white Aztec print cardigan which is warm to wear and uber comfortable; perfect for the autumn and winter. The skinny jeans I've selected are a pair of bluey/grey distressed jeans which give an edge to the outfit. I find them to be a very soothing colour to look at, therefore calming down the outfit so it isn't to garish and more appropriate for school. The bag is gorgeous! It's big enough to fit all of your books, yet it is a stylish, timeless piece that will go happily with all of your outfits. The ankle lace up boots are a pretty pale grey that will be comfortable to walk in, are also a versatile piece.

Outfit 3, is pretty, girly and will brighten up your day! When you really look closely, it is quite a simplistic outfit, but the top gives the look a certain burst of energy and excitement, so perfect for those lazy days. The top is also slouchy and loose, so is definitely a comfortable piece to wear. The jeans are a 'classic' denim colour, so can easily be paired with a vast amount of other outfit combinations. The bag adds more colour to the ensemble, but is still simple and stylish so the look is not too over-done. It is also very large, so will fit all of your school books. The gladiator sandals are comfy to wear and are another versatile piece to own.

Outfit 4, is probably the most casual, but adorable nevertheless. It's the kind of effortless look, that you'd throw on on one of those 'lazy days'; it's comfortable, edgy, cute and colourful and most importantly, it is easily achieved. So on top is a Mickey Mouse jersey sweater which is warm to wear, and has the classic Mickey Mouse image on it. For a good few decades, Disney characters have become a popular occurrence in fashion, so you could call it a 'classic'. It also gives the outfit a youthful aspect against the edginess of the jeans. I love this pair of jeans, because it's definitely a more interesting take on your typical denim jeans, and just makes the outfit different! The bag is a take on the school satchel. It's slouchy, casual and can go with your everyday outfit. The shoes add a hint of colour to the look. It is a more fun take on loafers, they're definitely comfy to wear, and yellow never fails to brighten up an outfit!

So I hope I managed to provide you some inspiration on ways to style skinny jeans and what to wear at school :)

Lots of Love,

Isabella x

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