Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Could You Please Help Me With Something? : )


So about four weeks ago, I finally got my ears pierced. I had been meaning to get them done for years, but lots of things put me off, and I just never got round to it. However, now I am glad that I decided to get them done, but now I am left with a few queries that I'm hoping one of you could help me with.
If you have had your ears pierced then you probably know that you have to leave your earrings in for a six-week healing period where you need to clean your ears 2-3 times a day, so my first question is:
how often should you clean your ears after the six-week period?
So then, after your ears have healed, you are able to switch your earrings, but what kind of earrings can you switch them to? I have been trawling the internet looking for answers, and some say you should wear post-style earrings for six months, meaning un-reactive metals like sterling silver, hypo-allergenic metal, gold, silver etc. and other people have said you can where non-precious metals that most earrings on the high street are made of. So my second question is: could you please tell me your experiences on what earrings you wore after six-weeks?
Finally, is it OK to wear earrings after six-weeks, that have a long strand with a small precious stone on the end. The ones they sell in Primark, if you know them.
I'd really appreciate it if you could give me a little hand! Anyway, stay tune for tomorrow where I'll have a 'What To Put In Your School Makeup Bag', oh, I almost forgot, please give me any blog post suggestions! This can be any Back to School posts, maybe something for Autumn or Winter?
Lots of Love,
Isabella x


  1. I have to say I am a rule breaker, my ears are pierced (twice in both ears) I always forget to clean my ears (yes a grim confession!) but I think once or twice a week would be sufficient. I have always worn studs. I stay away from heavy dangle designs for a little longer, they tend to pull & you may need a little more time for healing. I would also say stay stick to hypo-allergenic cheap earrings have always given me a rash. Hope that helps?

  2. @sugarpuffish
    Thank you, that did help! xx


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