Monday, 1 August 2011

July Favourites

With the month of July sadly coming to an end, I thought that I would do my first ever monthly favourites. So I will stop babbling and get straight into it!

Eye lash curlers: I have loved having longer-looking flirty lashes lately, they brighten my eyes so much!

Coconut Scrub: This smells scrumptious and leaves my skin super-feeling soft.

Harry Potter: I have been OBSSESSED (to put it lightly) with Harry Potter for so many years now, and with the final film coming out (which I thought was AMAZING, so good I even cried), I have been getting back into the Potter mood with re-reading the books and watching the films.

Oil Absorbing Sheets: My skin has been getting quite oily lately, hence why it is so shiny, so these sheets have definitely been working by mattifying my face and I also think that they have been helping my spots too.

Hand Bag: I have already expressed how much I love this bag; you only have to look at it to understand why...

Babyliss Waving Wand: I have recently gotten back into the swing of curling my hair with this curling product I got recently. It gives beautiful natural looking curls. I don't have a photo to hand to show you the wonders it does to my hair, but do check out this demonstration of it here by Fleurdeforce.

Natural Collection Lipstick in Coral Shimmer: This colour is very similar to my natual lip colour, so when I put it on, I get a hint of colour which has gorgeous gold reflexes! And it's only £1.99!

 Dolce & Gabanna 'Rose the One': I've already done a blog post that you can check out here, on why I love this beautifull fragrance!

Ring: I have loved wearing this vintage-costume jewellery inspired ring, it's so beautiful!

Banana Necklace: I love it's quirkiness and it adds a hint of fun to my outfits.

Beyonce: I have recently getting back into all of her songs with the release of her new album. I have been loving everything from Crazy in Love to Best Thing I Never Had. In the music video for this song, she looks so beautiful, she's practically glowing!

Lots of Love,

Isabella x

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