Monday, 15 August 2011

Nails of the Week: Cupcake Nails

So I did have the gorgeous 'Pompous' on by Rimmel, but as soon as I saw this nail tutorial by bubzbeauty, I knew I had to give it a go!

So I pretty much exactly followed this tutorial, but I made a few changes, that I will tell you and I am going to say what nail polishes I used.

On all nails I used:
-Rimmel pro-... as a base coat, top coat and a method to stick the glitter on (I'll explain later)
-Barry M Crackle Nail Polish in Black for the eyes. I only used this because I don't have a black nail polish, so a normal black nail polish will be best to use.
-Barry M 'Pink Flamingo' for the rosy cheeks.
-Barry M 'Bright Red' for the cherry on top. I don't have a white to give the cherry a 3D effect or a metallic red to give it more of a shine, so using a bit of the Rimmel Pro-... I stuck on some red glitter.
-Barry M 'Pink Iridescent' to put on top of the icing to look like it had sprinkles.
-To create dots on your nails, I recommend using cocktail sticks, bobby pins or cotton buds (a.k.a Q-tips).
-If you don't have a glittery nail polish, then to create the effect of sprinkles, dot on some nail polish. Using different colours, would look really cool!
On my pinky finger:
<3Cake - Barry M 'Peach Melba'
<3Icing - Barry M 'Pink Flamingo'

On my ring finger:
<3Cake - Barry M 'Blue Moon'
<3Icing - Rimmel 60 Seconds 'Ethereal'

On my middle finger:
<3Cake - Barry M 'Strawberry Ice-Cream'
<3Icing - Barry M 'Pure Turqoise

On my fore finger:
<3Cake - Barry M 'Berry Ice-Cream'
<3Icing - Barry M 'Pink Flamingo'

On my thumb:
<3Cake - Rimmel 60 Seconds 'Ethereal'
<3Icing - Barry M 'Blue Moon'
When I first saw the cupcake nail design, I thought that it would be difficult to achieve, but actually, it's really easy and the end is adorable! Plus, the design will last for a really long time because most chipping will take place at the top of the nail, and so the cupcake design is safe!

I hope you'll try this out, and of course, if you do, I'd love to see any pictures, so just link them below!

Lots of Love,

Isabella x


  1. They look SO cute, you have really followed it well! I may have to try this :) Thanks for you comment on my blog, I hope you'll come back soon ;) xx

  2. @Lovelain94
    Of course I'll come back soon! xx


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