Sunday, 25 September 2011

Favourite Song of the Moment

Style Crush post is on the way, but for now I thought I'd share with you my favourite song of the moment!

Radioactive - Marina and the Diamonds
This is a recent release from Marina and I love it! Different from her previous material, this song has an addictive 'dancy' beat but still retains her fantastic vocals. I have literally broken the replay button listening to this song. Press the play button NOW!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

How To Make Your Own Glitter Polishes!

I am OBSESSED with the dazzling affect glitter nail polishes give, but with them difficult to find and somewhat pricey it was a little bit of an annoyance! As beautiful as Deborah Lippmann nail polishes are, £14 isn't exactly something that I'm willing to pay, so I have a very cost effective solution.

Ok, so it doesn't take an expert chemist to think this one up, but I don't think the idea has occurred to everyone, and is something that I would like to share with you all!

So to create your own glitter nail polishes, you will need a clear nail polish (you can pick whatever colour- colourless, pink, blue- your choice!) and any glitter which you would like to use. Glitter comes in a wide array of variations, so there's definitely a lot of choice. There's very fine glitter, chunky glitter and glitter in a multitude of shapes and don't even get me started on the colours! In arts & craft stores, and even supermarkets you can find glitter in every colour of the rainbow, and even iridescent glitter and holographic glitter which reflect pretty colours to give your nails a 'bejewelled' effect! Also definitely don't be afraid to mix different glitters together!

Once you have selected what you want to use, simply put the glitter into your nail polish. If you would like a fuller coverage of glitter, add a generous amount (though not so you have more glitter than polish!). If you desire the 'sprinkle of glitter' effect then add a little less. Now just stir the glitter in!

And if you are unwilling to try out this method, once you have painted your nail with whatever colour you wish, sprinkle a bit of glitter on and once it is dry paint on a top coat to secure everything in place. This will give you a very similar effect!

And here is my attempt at glittery nails:

Barry M 'Flamingo Pink'

Lots of Love,

Isabella x

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Haul: Primark, Boots and H&M

So, after taking a little shopping trip, I decided I'd share with you some little gems I found.

Right then, let's get onto what I found in Boots!
Models Own Nail Art Pen £6

After getting into the swing of creating more adventurous nail designs, I decided to get a nail art pen to make things that bit easier, and do more precise designs. As soon as I've tried this out, I'll make sure I get back to you, and maybe try some nail tutorials.

Travel-size Tresemme Hat Defence Styling Spray £1.52

Now onto Primark!
Bright Red Velvet Skinny Waist Belt £2.50

I thought this belt could be a really stylish piece and very vintage inspired. This could look really pretty wrapped around a dainty dress, or a pair of high-waisted shorts or even a skirt.

Peter Pan Collar Blouse £12

This blouse was instantly something that I liked. Everything about it is classic, and Primark has definitely not gone over the top with this one! With it being floaty and feminine, this could look gorgeous on top of a pair of skinny jeans or tucked into something high-waisted.

Floral Pyjama Shorts £3

For the most part (unless it's freezing cold) I'll prefer wearing shorts, and these shorts were too adorable to pass up!

Woolen Leggings £6

For when it gets chilly, instead of tights I was going to get some normal leggings, but then I noticed these beauties, and they looked like a cosy, cute accessory for winter.

Finally, it's H&M!

Fairlisle/Cat print jumper £19.99

Whilst browsing online, I noticed this jumper. I had been on the look out for a fairlisle print jumper, but when I noticed that this jumper had cats on, I just knew I had to get it! So I went in store tried it on, bought it, and am wearing it as I write this blog post!

Anyway, must get off, but I will surely see you soon!

Lots of Love,

Isabella x

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Style Crush: Gossip Girl

I really am sorry for my absence, I have been swamped with school work this past week, so steadily but surely, I'm getting back in the swing of things. As promised, this week's 'Style Crush' post is dedicated to the fabulous fashion featured on one of my favourite shows, Gossip Girl. The costume designer that is behind the jaw-dropping outfits is Eric Daman., and he is a genius! There's so many things I could say about how stunning the outfits he composes are, but I'll just leave that job to the pictures.

Blair Waldorf played by Leighton Meester

 Serena Van der Woodsen played by Blake Lively

 Jenny Humphrey played by Taylor Momsen

Vanessa Abrams played by Jessica Szhor

See what I mean?

Next week, Alexa Chung!

Lots of Love,

Isabella x

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Style Crush: Leighton Meester

So the next installment of this series focuses on the beautiful Leighton Meester, who you may know as Blair from Gossip Girl. I chose Leighton for this week, because in a way, she doesn't have a style you could sum up in a sentence. Even when asked in interviews what her sense of style is, she'll always say that she doesn't have one, and it's anything that she likes, which is something I can relate to. What is also different about Leighton, is that in her outfits, her shoes will very often have the starring role, and believe me, this girl has nice shoes!

Next week, sticking with Leighton, I'll be focusing on the looks featured on the TV show Gossip Girl, it is not one to miss!

Lots of Love,

Isabella x

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