Saturday, 10 September 2011

Style Crush: Leighton Meester

So the next installment of this series focuses on the beautiful Leighton Meester, who you may know as Blair from Gossip Girl. I chose Leighton for this week, because in a way, she doesn't have a style you could sum up in a sentence. Even when asked in interviews what her sense of style is, she'll always say that she doesn't have one, and it's anything that she likes, which is something I can relate to. What is also different about Leighton, is that in her outfits, her shoes will very often have the starring role, and believe me, this girl has nice shoes!

Next week, sticking with Leighton, I'll be focusing on the looks featured on the TV show Gossip Girl, it is not one to miss!

Lots of Love,

Isabella x

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  1. I love leighton Meester too!! I will defiantly be subscribing to your blog, so i don't miss next weeks post!! :) xxx


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