Saturday, 10 September 2011

Update: How I Met Your Mother and a Tip for Reading English Literature

I'm truly apologetic for my lack of posts. First of all, Blogger has been acting extremely strange lately, school has been draining all my energy, and three, I've been stuck in a bit of a rut on what to post about! I have however noticed that my 'Update' post, was a bit more popular than my other ones, with the grand total of 8 VIEWS (though I am really appreciative that 8 people took time out of their busy day to read my post!). So I'm going to have a bit of a ramble, maybe I'll even make you laugh (doubt it).

Hmmm...oooh, I know! I'll talk about some of my non-beauty favourites! Ok, my favourite TV show lately has definitely been How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). It is so freaking good! I love all the characters (my favourite probably being Marshall, who's yours?), it's hilarious and at times so random, which I also love! Lately I've been suffering from 'Friends' (the TV show) withdrawl, so I'm glad I have this show. It does get compared to Friends a lot, but it definitely has its diferences. First of all, it's a love story in reverse; the idea is that Ted (the main character) is telling the story to his children about how he met their mother (hence the title). Secondly, it has a very different structure to it, mainly the fact that it has a lot of flashbacks. Thirdly, the meet up place is a bar, not a coffee house! Also, the character Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) is to some up in one word, LEGENDARY!

In addition, I have discovered a new tip (brace yourselves), on how to make reading English literature easier. Ok, this isn't going to interest everyone, but I've found this method rather handy. So as you know, so many 'Classics' are referred to as the 'Cream of the Crop' on the most part when it comes to book, but as a result of bein written a good while ago, often, it can be difficult to read, which causes the book to be rather dull. I have recently started reading the book 'To Kill A Mocking Bird', it was written around 50 years ago, so I guess the writing hasn't changed to dramatically compared to 200 years ago, but still, there are some differences. So my first tip is to read the plot line (not one that will spoil the story, but familarise you with the main points), this will help things make A LOT more sense. Secondly, read up on each character; find out who they are, their personality, occupation, this will also make things a lot clearer. My third tip might seem a bit ridiculous, but it actually really helps me. All you need to do, is read the book in your mind in the accent of the character. 'To Kill A Mocking Bird' is set in Alabama, so I'm reading the story in my mind with a thick Southern accent. By doing this, you are thinking about the pronounciation of each word, and therefore absorb the stroy better and what is happening. It does mean it will take longer to read, but oh boy, has it helped!

Ok, I'm going to leave you now...but I'll be back in approximately 45 minutes with a Style Crush post on Leighton Meester, I am a huge fan, so especially excited for this one!

Lots of Love,

Isabella x

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