Sunday, 9 October 2011

How To Make Your Own Earrings Holder!

So, this is just a quick (it took me literally 4 minutes), almost free to make and super easy earring holder!

So to create your own earring holder, you will need:
-A piece of corrugated card (the size depends on how many earrings you will be hanging)
-A piece of wallpaper or wrapping paper big enough to fully cover your card. Personally, I would suggest using wrapping paper, because when you pierce the earring through, it is less likely to create a rip. Also, you can get free samples of it at in any wallpaper retailer. Top tip, pick a design that will suit the location you are putting it!
-Sticky tape

1. So to begin, cut the corrugated card board to your desired size and shape. I chose a square so that I would be able to stand it up straight and rest it against a wall.

2. Cut a sheet of wrapping paper or wallpaper that will fit your piece of card.

3. Place your card on the sheet in the centre then from each corner of your square or rectangle, cut out a square so when you stick it down it will not be too bulky.

4. Stick the wrapping paper or wallpaper in place using some sticky tape.

5. Now just pierce each of your earrings through the card (this should be very easy) and once in, push on the earring-back to hold it in place.

Et Voila! An easy, stylish, affordable way to display your earrings!

I'd love to get some feedback, and see what you think! Also, if you do end up making this earring holder, I would love to see pictures and finally, please comment below with any blog post suggestions that you would like to see!

Lots of Love,

Isabella x


  1. I've seen this done with canvas frames but I like yours better because you added some colour with the paper

  2. Love your tips! Such an inspiring post!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  3. Such a nice idea! The background goes really well with your earrings! :)


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