Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Haul: Charity Shops!

Lately I've really been getting into going through charity shops. It's always so much fun never knowing what treasures you'll discover and you can really find some fantastic pieces. On top of that all, the prices are fantastically low! Here are a few pieces that I've been able to find from numerous charity shops:

(the pendant on the right was a gift from my mum)

(the ring on the right was from a car boot sale, also a great place to hunt for bargains)

I was especially excited to find these two necklaces for they tie in nicely with this spring and summer's trend of pastel colours. There is never a shortage of pastels in a charity shop!

Charity shops are also really great for purchasing books. I picked up 'Birdsong' by Sebastian Faulks.

I'd love to hear any feedback, blog post ideas, book recommendations and see any of your blog posts - just link them below!

Isabella x


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