Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Impact of Fashion

A while ago, I did a speech for English and if you like, I'd love you to read this for it is certainly a message that I want to spread!

Now not all of you will admit it, but in one way or another we are all victims of fashion. It influences our lives in a wide spectrum of ways; most undeniably, it influences the clothes we wear.
Fashion is what we adorn ourselves in, it is what we spend our money on, but it has also somewhat become a symbol of status and personality.
At my school, we have what is referred to as ‘Mufti Day’. First and foremost it is a day to give money to charity; however the vast majority of us see it as an opportunity to put our lacklustre uniforms away and switch it for an outfit that will showcase our style to the school.
  So can you admit to at some point buying brand new clothes simply for the purpose of this day? The fuss we make does make it sound rather ridiculous for simply just one single day.  
Can this craze with our appearance mean that fashion is a good influence?

 But also the pressure to appear acceptable to the public can have damaging effects on your bank balance. Eager to be welcomed in society, many feel the compulsion to splurge on clothes to be seen as ‘cool’. The more expensive, the higher people will think of you.  With these ethics people façade themselves in ‘high end’ garments to impress others when in reality they are perhaps lacking confidence to be noticed. Is it correct that fashion is made out to be the key to popularity?

 And then when you are unable to dress respectably and your fashion taste is ten years off the mark, then for many it is a reason to be mocked. By people assuming you are required to dress up to the standards set out by fashion magazines, celebrities and the catwalk it differentiates people from the norm and cruel assumptions are made. ‘What is on the inside’ does not seem to matter when that person’s preferred footwear is Crocs and they are fashioning hand-me-downs from their Aunt.

 However, a far more vicious consequence of fashion, is bullying. This can stem from a person’s taste in style; if they are a boy who has a feminine taste in fashion, a girl who prefers masculine apparel or someone that adores attiring themselves in leather, chains and spikes, they are susceptible to the nasty remarks of people that are unable to be respectful of being an individual. Just look at how celebrities can be insulted from what they wear on the red carpet. Many tend to be prejudice simply from glancing at what someone wears, and this has cruel consequences. Suicide, depression, self harm and personal insecurities are just to name a few. So is it admissible to be cruel to someone simply on the basis of how they dress?

 But then when someone wants to feel included and not an outcast, they conform. They are fearful of being thought of as ‘unorthodox’; by doing this they are denying who they are and their true self. Every Mufti Day, the same trend is duplicated. From my observations, I simply lost count of the number of people clad in Jack Wills, Superdry and Hollister. Fashion should not be adhered, but be a statement.A statement of who you are; if you simply do not care about what you wear, then that should not be a burden to people, if you want to wear Crocs simply because they are comfortable, it is not a problem and if you are content with wearing mismatched socks then what is the nuisance in that? The only opinion that should matter is your own.

Too many people let their lives revolve around appearances, and sometimes we all need reminding that there are things that are far more paramount.

Fashion is an expression of creativity; it is a form of art and is something to relish. To quote perhaps one of the most noteworthy fashion designers, Coco Chanel “Fashion is not somethingthat exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”.

I hope you found this interesting and if you did, I'd love for you to pass this speech on! x

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