Thursday, 15 March 2012

Room Decor and Storage Inspiration

Making my room look lovely is something that honestly keeps me entertained for hours. Constantly, I am searching for interesting and quirky ways to store something in an organised yet still aesthetically appealing way. Along with that, I have included a few ways in which I have decorated my room and it costing me virtually nothing! If you are looking for additional ways to brighten up your room, then click here to view I blog post I have done with lots of inexpensive tips to 'embellish' your room!

So to begin with, here are some storage solutions of mine.
To store my rings, I simply used a ramekin dish that you can get free along with desserts from supermarkets like creme brulee (the French student in me is desperate for this to have accents etc. but the technological part of me does not know how). I really like the sleek, classic design these dishes have. However, to create something more feminine, I sewed a black lace bow onto a pale pink ribbon. I then tied this ribbon around the ramekin dish. Et voila!

Tins are very inexpensive and you store absolutely anything you want in them. I also really like the vintage feel some of them provide.
Instead of purchasing a storage box, I simply wrapped a cardboard box in wrapping paper. Simple.
We have plenty of glass bowls in our kitchen, so I used one to place my cotton pads in. They give a very stylish feel to the room and it is so much more convenient than pulling out cotton pads every time I need them from a plastic bag.

From TK Maxx I find a pretty storage box which is very useful to divide up jewellery and nail polishes. Using gift boxes I had been given, I put all of my regular skin care products in one and any back ups and body products in the other. It's made it really easy to find the items I require!

I found a not-so-'Christmassey' hanging decoration that was coated in glimmering pink glitter. I hung this onto my fake flowers so that it dangles above my lamp. It gives such a beautiful effect. It's just one of those little things in my room that makes me happy!

I love the 'quirky' 'antique' atmosphere having books gives to your room. Look to invest in some beautiful, vintage books to give some character to your room.

Paris is by far my favourite city. Mouth watering scents waft along the streets from the boulangeries and patisseries with the whole city lined with the most outstanding architecture. On my wall, I feature so 'vintage' looking postcards and a photograph which I took of the Eiffel Tower when I was there.

To bring some quiriness to my room, I covered the top of my bookshelf with little ornaments and other little pretty things which I have accumulated. It adds that special something to your own personal space. The dried roses are something that I absolutely am in love with! My mum does something where she hangs fresh roses upside down and it dries them up, but the roses still manage to retain their colour for longer. The dried effect gives a very pretty, vintage feel!

I really hope you gained some room inspiration and please do tell me if you have any tips of your own. I would love to know!


  1. your room looks lovely especially with the roses

    1. Thank you! xx and I just followed your blog, it's really good!

  2. Thank you so much love your blog :)

  3. Great ideas - I really need to organise my accessories

  4. Very cute details, I love when people put their personality to their space in the same way they do with clothes :)

    1. Thank you so much! Just checked out you blog out and I love your style! x


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