Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Primark's A/W Collection 2012!

The seasons of Autumn and Winter are slowly creeping up on us and what better way to keep yourself stylishly-warm than pocket-friendly fashion! Primark have most definitely upped their game and here are some of my favourite pieces the store has to offer!

I really love the soft and elegant silhouette of this blouse.  The bright orange flowers add a vibrant splash of colour, yet still it remains feminine. The warm orange makes it perfect for both the cold and warm months making this a great wardrobe staple for all your round.

The parka jacket with leather sleeves has gone viral in the fashion world. I was lucky enough to get my paws on one in the Zara sale for half price, when I was in Paris, but now I'm a little annoyed that Primark are doing something similar. Whilst I still love my jacket, paying £25 would have been better! Oh well, I guess they're not exactly the same to make me regret my purchase!

This is definitely my favourite item that Primark is releasing. I am OBSESSED with polka dots, I've been wanting a black blouse and I've been wanting something with a studded collar. Perfect. I can imagine me wearing this blouse with so many things and the fabric is also very similar to something Stella McCartney used in one of her collections and my mouth fell open when I saw it, so of course I love this cheaper alternative!

These little booties are super-duper stylish and definitely heavily Chanel inspired. These would instantly make any outfit 'top-draw'!

I really love the knit of this jumper. I think it gives the jumper so much more texture and definitely makes it more casual.

I love how slouchy this jumper is, and I think this could look great on someone that has broad shoulders! I also love the pattern of it!

I hope you've spotted some pieces that you'll be snatching up in the cold seasons to come!

I x

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